Savvie Hair Maintenance Tips

savvie boutique hair maintenance tips

One thing most people especially females don’t joke with is luxurious, healthy hair. As a result of the importance attached to hair, many people go to great lengths to achieve the hair of their dreams (or as close as possible to their dreams). When this is achieved, the owner of the hair oozes great confidence, basking in the compliments often bestowed on those who have made the marks in the world of fine hair, lol, you know what I mean.

Whether weaves, natural or permed hair, Savvie boutique compiled essential hair care tips and advice guaranteed to enhance your hair game.

Minimize Exposure to Extreme Heat.

We understand how the heat makes wet hair dry faster to enable you to meet up with your appointment, we also know how the heat makes your hair very pliant, easy to style and secure with pins, bad news, this heat would kill your hair gradually till its gone, and soon there would be nothing to style again.

Regular exposure to extreme heat weakens the hair, especially the root, resulting in breakage. So, to make your hair healthier, minimize exposure to extreme heat.

Invest in Satin Scrunchies, Bonnets and Pillowcases.

What fabric silently whispers class and luxury like satin? Everyone knows how silk gently caresses and pampers the skin. That’s how the hair feels when treated to silk (I like to think my hair is alive and responds to how I treat her, she’s a sophisticated lady). Well, silk reduces the friction between the hair and the fabric, thus preventing breakage and moisture loss.

I think the government should ban the use of rubber bands on hair.

Admittedly, rubber bands are easily accessible but come on, it breaks the hair. Please, beautiful sister, ditch the rubber band, and use it to hold your naira notes, but please, use satin scrunchies instead.

Also, those hair nets Nigerian women have adopted as their unofficial uniform should be thrown away and replaced with satin bonnets. They’re both stylish and protective.

Use Chemical-free Hair Products.

You know how we’re generally advised to eat chemical-free food right? So, that’s how we should also give our hair chemical-free food. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander😁.

Hair products such as shampoos and conditioners should be devoid of chemicals. These chemicals alter the composition of the hair thereby damaging it. The lesser the chemicals, the healthier the hair.

Avoid products that contain sulfates and parabens, though they help the shampoo to lather and last long longer, they damage the hair and may even go as far as disrupting hormones. So please, before you pick that hair product off the shelf, kindly go through the ingredients and ensure they’re as chemical-free as possible.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles.  

These should be avoided at all costs as they damage the hair follicle and may eventually slow down, or entirely stop hair growth. God forbid that we damage our hair all because we want to slay.

Please avoid hairstyles that are so tight that they cause discomfort, avoid it the way a lady rocking gel hairdos avoids water touching her hair.

Ensure You Rinse Properly.

When rinsing your hair, please do not Minimize water. Ensure you properly rinse the shampoo and conditioner off your hair (except in the case of leave-in conditioners). Be extremely thorough when doing this to avoid an accumulation of products on your hair.

Be Gentle With Your Hair.

When combing out tangles, do not pull the hair, gradually disentangle the hair. When some people comb their hair, they remember all their vexations and frustrations, so they drag and pull the innocent hair, everyone knows this causes breakage.

Also, condition regularly, and oil the hair moderately, too much oil makes the scalp dirty.

And lastly, while washing your hair do not scratch your scalp with your fingernails. This results in the breaking of the skin, rather, gently tease with your fingertips (not nails).

Switch Styles.

Avoid always making the same styles, or always using a particular parting as this may put pressure on a particular part of the hair always, and may lead to breakage, reduction or outright stoppage of growth.

Some ladies love side parting so much that there’s a permanent parting at the side of their head. We know it flatters you the most, but please, give your hair a break, try something new, and leave your hair to breathe.

This is where we draw the curtain. Be Savvie, Shop Savvie today.

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