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10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

10 things every woman should have in her wardrope by savvie boutique lagos nigeria

Every occasion demands a need for a change of style, be it everyday office wear, a quick trip to the mall, evening service at our various religious gatherings or a hang out with colleagues/friends. More often than not we find ourselves stressing about what to wear.

1. A Black Dress

We know this is the first item on your mental list, well, you're absolutely right.

The black dress is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to almost any occasion if paired with the right accessories. While there are a variety of styles and lengths to choose from, it is advisable to choose a black dress that is not too short to be worn to a religious gathering, and not too conservative to be worn to a party.

Due to its colour, it can be paired with any colour of bag, belt, shoe or jewelry, depending on the occasion and/or mood of the wearer, thus making it a very popular choice.

2. A Blazer

If you want to switch up your dressing from informal to formal in a minute, you can pair it up with an elegant blazer. Blazers are also a stylish and effective means of combating cold.

If you do not have a blazer in your wardrobe, you should get one, and please avoid the urge to go for bright, selective colours at first, neutral colours are always a safer bet as they can be paired with other colours without fear of it clashing.

Lately, lots of women use blazers to hide embarrassment such as a split zipper. Please, furnish your wardrobe with a blazer today, if you already have one, you can always buy another colour.

3. A Scarf/Wig

Without explaining, you already know how important these are. These items have saved lots of women from being objects of laughter, I mean, a scarf worn stylishly on the head, or a well-combed wig hides a lot of secrets,*wink*.

Like, almost everyone has had a bad hair day, an emergency appointment, or an occasion we just had to show our beautiful faces, and there was no strength, time or finance to visit the hairstylist. Well, the solution is available, a scarf or wig.

Oh, and please sister, the scarf should be silky. Don't forget that, silk or nothing. Silky scarves are both classy and practical. (please see our blog post on hair care tips)

4. A Dressy Piece of Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are like the icing on a cake and can make or mar your outfit. Jewelry can switch up your dressing from casual to party at the snap of a finger, just ditch the studs for hoops and you're the life of the party in no time.

Well, while shopping for jewelry, in all thine getting, please and please, get a classy and dressy piece that would flatter and bring your outfit to life. It doesn't have to be loud, just solid enough to make a statement.

5. A Pair of Dark Jeans

Paired with a chiffon top and heels for the office, a funky top and a pair of sneakers, a shirt and ballet flats, an Ankara too and a pair of block heel slippers or a tank top and flip flops, jeans are a must-have.

They are also easier to maintain than other fabrics.

To tell you how the importance of jeans is globally recognized, a famous governor of a state in Nigeria told his people to "wear your jims". Hey sisters, stock your wardrobe with at least a pair of dark jeans today.

6. A Pair of High Heels

These are very important for when the "Naomi Campbell walk of power" is required. There's no denying the fact that there's a certain elegance gained from wearing heels, coupled with the fact that it makes the legs look longer.

Occasions come up where heels are absolutely necessary, and we don't want to be caught unawares, so please keep a comfortable pair handy.

Note that the length of the heels depends on you sister, if you can elegantly walk in a pair of 6-inch heels, please, by all means, get one, but if a 3-inch is the highest you can do, avoid the 6-inch and do you sister.

We don't want you wobbling around like jelly as that would defeat the whole purpose which is elegance, so please, while getting your heels, take your comfort into consideration.

7. A Quality Handbag

Girl, we know how affordable and accessible those disposable, fancy bags are, but no, they won't do. Those are available for carrying extra slippers, umbrellas and things that cannot enter our bags.

Dear queens, you should own at least one good bag to accompany you to occasions. The trick is to use something with a non-selective colour.

Savvie boutique provides a plethora of amazing bags to choose from. Don't forget to thank us when the compliments on your beautiful bag start coming in.

8. A Good Pair of Flat Shoes

Every woman should own at least a pair of flat shoes, the colours should be neutral or nude to enable her to wear them with all her clothes. Seeing as flats would be worn regularly, comfort should be of utmost importance, and as such should neither be too tight nor too loose.

9. A Black Skirt

The importance of this piece of clothing is Paramount. When all else fails, try a black skirt.

When we recommend a black skirt, please note that different styles of skirt flatter different body shapes.  If you're petite, you may want to try wearing a mini skirt more often as this best flatters your body shape. If you're tall and lean, you may want to consider a maxi skirt as this adds more volume to your frame, our curvy sisters would also rock the pencil skirt with ease.

Please appraise your body shape and get a black skirt that flatters you to perfection. You're welcome.

10. Sunshades

These are stylish and protective accessories every woman should endeavour to own. These protect the eyes and also leave you looking sophisticated.

It should be noted that it's called "sunshades" and as such should not be worn in buildings or at night (funny enough, people wear sunshades in church or at the club, lol), it should be worn smartly.

Oh, and one more thing, different sizes and shapes exist because different ladies have different face shapes, what fits Joan may not suit Josephine, so please, know what works best for you and flex away.

Additional tips, if your face is oval-shaped, you may want to avoid sunshades with oversized rims, and stick with sunshades with aviator frames, rectangular or square-shaped rims as they flatter your face shape. Similarly, round-faced queens should avoid small, oval or browline frames and stick with square, rectangular or round frames. Queens with square-shaped faces should use sunshades with browline, cat-eye or round shades and avoid square frames.

We sincerely hope you found these tips useful. Shop wisely, Shop Savvie.

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